My Vocabulary of Monterry Mexico

Esta es mi lista de Vocabulario de Monterry Mexico:

1 Palo Stick
2 Buena gente Good people
3 Rudo Tough
4 Ven a comer! Come eat!
5 Galleta Cookie
6 Barato Cheap
7 Verano Summer
8 Puente Bridge
9 De acuerdo Agreed
10 Asado Grilled
11 Cebolla Onion
12 Chiquito Tiny
13 Descansaste? You are rested; you can say this in the morning
14 Tienda Store
15 Lo que quieres Whatever you want
16 Cobertor Thick blanket
17 Cobija Thin blacket
18 Adorable Cute
19 Pasajero Passenger
20 Rentar To rent
21 Fresa Strawberry
22 Ven! Come!
23 Lapicero Mechanical pencil
24 Sandia Watermelon
25 Vale la pena It’s worth it
26 Libreria Book store
27 Cual telefono tienes? What kind of phone do you have?
28 Reto Challenge
29 Compartir To share
30 Bostezar To yawn


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