The Hebrew Testament- Word Frequency List (Fourth 500 Words, Part 4) 2019

It was too much to put all 5000+ Hebrew words on one post, so I plan to make multiple posts of 500 words. This is the fourth 500 most frequently used Hebrew words in the Hebrew Testament. To find the next post, search something like “Hebrew Word list part 5” on this website’s search bar.

1503פָּלִיט20survivor; fugitive
1504בלה20to be used up, to be worn out; to consume, enjoy; he will wear out; to wear out
1505חָתָן20daughter’s husband; bridegroom, newly married; related by marriage
1507רצץ20to mistreat, oppress; to shatter, smash, smite, strike down, mistreat
1508גלל20to roll; to roll away
1509שָׁבוּעַ20seven consecutive days, week
1511צרע20afflicted with a rash / skin disease, (trad.) leprous
1515פַּרְסָה20hoof; a divided hoof
1516מושׁ 220to remove; to withdraw from a place; to cease from
1517נבל 120to wither, decay; to crumble away
1518נדב20to impel, stir; to make a voluntary decision, contribution; (pt.) agreeable, willing; to donate, (inf.) donation, gift; giving willingly
1519מְהֵרָה20haste; hurriedly
1520מִקְלָט20refuge, asylum
1521שְׁפֵלָה20the lower part, the lowland
1522שׂגב20to be high, inaccessible, unattainable, exalted, elevated
1523לְחִי 120cheek; jawbone; chin
1524קסם20to predict; to consult an oracle/spirit of the dead
1525מָצוֹר 120distress
1526שׂיח20to speak enthusiastically; to praise, lament, taunt, mock, instruct, teach; to meditate with thanks and praise
1527שׁאג20to roar
1529צום20to fast
1531צִנָּה 220large shield, standing shield
1532עֹבֵד אֱדֹם20Obed-Edom
1533יוֹרָם20Joram; Jehoram
1535רָמוֹת גִּלְעָד20Ramoth-gilead
1536תִּמֹרָה20palm-shaped ornament, decoration
1537רמס20to trample with one’s feet, crush to pieces
1538מַשָּׂא 220pronouncement
1541עָלַם20eternity; remote time, eternity
1542גְּבַר20man; men the
1543עָרִיץ20violent, powerful; potentate, tyrant
1544מַחְסֶה20place of refuge; refuge
1545פַּרְזֶל20iron; iron the
1546חֵיוָה20animal, beast; (coll.) animals; beast the
1547מָאוֹר19luminary; source of light
1548רֶ֫מֶשׂ19creeping thing; creature
1549תַּחְתִּי19lower, lowest
1551מַשְׁקֶה19drink; cupbearer; well watered; office of the cupbearer
1552חַטָּא19sinner; fallible, sinful
1553ריק19to empty/pour out
1554ספה19to take away, carry away; to dwindle away
1555שׁאב19to draw water
1556שׂכר19to hire, take into paid service; to engage (against)
1557נקב19to bore through; to fix, establish; to denote, mark; to slander
1558לוּלֵא19surely; unless; if not
1559גַּל 119heap
1560פֶּ֫רֶץ 119breach; gap
1561עֵנָב19wine-berry; grape
1562חקק19to carve, inscribe; to enact, decree; to order, to decide
1563לחץ19to push; to oppress, torment
1564עלל 119to deal with, deal severely with; to glean; to act/deal wantonly
1565שָׁכֵן19neighbor; resident, occupant; neighboring town/people
1566מַשְׁחִית19destruction; spoiler; snare for birds
1567ינה19to be violent, oppress
1568נשׁא 119to borrow; to lend out; (pt.) moneylender, creditor, usurer; to practice usury
1569תַּבְנִית19pattern; model; construction, shape; copy, reproduction
1570עַשְׁתֵּי19eleven, eleventh
1571עֲבֹת19cord; rope
1572שׁוֹק19shank; thigh, fibula
1573מַעֲרָכָה19line of battle; row, bank
1574שְׁגָגָה19inadvertent sin, unintentional mistake
1575אַשְׁמָה19indebtedness, guilt
1576זָקָן19side whiskers and (pointed) beard
1578לֶהָבָה19flame; blade
1579חושׁ 119to hasten; to hurry
1580מַעֲלֶה19rising, ascent, climb; platform, podium; storey
1581רַעֲנָן19leafy, luxuriant; juicy, fresh
1582דושׁ19to tread on, trample down; to thresh; (metaph.) to destroy; she|it will trample; to tread down, tread under
1587צְבִי 119ornament, splendor; glory, magnificence
1589מֶרְחָק19distance, expanse
1590מִשְׂגָּב19refuge; high point
1591נֹ֫גַהּ 119gleam, bright light
1593בְּרוֹשׁ19juniper; spear-shafts
1594יוֹנָה 219Jonah
1597אִיתַי19ittai; there is; existence
1598זנח 219to reject, expel, exclude
1599בִּירָה19temple; citadel, acropolis; citadel the; fortified place, citadel
1600מֵישָׁרִים19truth; agreement; level path; order, fairly; integrity, rectitude
1602מְזִמָּה19project, plan; wicked plan, scheme; discretion, prudence
1603אָכְלָה18food, nourishment
1604מטר18to be rained upon; to let rain fall upon; to cause it to rain
1606עֵ֫זֶר 118help, assistance
1607כלא18to restrain, shut up; to withhold; to imprison; to be restrained, prevented
1608בִּקְעָה18valley-plain; plain; the valley-plain of
1610יָם הַמֶּ֫לַח18Sea of Salt; Dead Sea
1611קָדֵשׁ 218Kadesh
1612בַּלְעֲדֵי18apart from, except
1614זְעָקָה18plaintive cry, cry for help
1615יאל 218to be keen on something; to decide, be prepared to; to begin to
1616בעל18to own, rule over; to marry; to get married
1617מַעֲכָה 218Maacah (person)
1618שֵׁ֫מַע18report, news; hearsay
1619מַקֵּל18staff; rod, branch
1620זרח 118to rise, shine; to come out, appear
1622קְבוּרָה18grave; burial
1624מוג18to waver; to despair; to wave, sway backwards and forwards, undulate
1626לוה 218to borrow; to lend to
1627קְעָרָה18dish, bowl
1628מַ֫טָּה18beneath; below; downwards
1629יְסוֹד18foundation wall, base
1630חֶ֫רֶשׂ18earthenware; scorched clay; potsherd
1631מָקוֹר18fountain; source, spring
1633משׁל 118to formulate an expression, show a parable; to recite derisive verses; (pt.) jester; to compare; to be equal, become the same
1634צַר 118narrow; need; meager; restraint, anxiety
1637גָּדִי18Gadi; Gadite
1638סות18to mislead, incite, incite against, entice away
1639רֹעַ18poor quality; ugliness; sulkiness, sadness
1640נָבָל 118godless; futile, worthless; good-for-nothing; miser; fool, unbeliever
1641אֹרֵב18(group in an) ambush
1642קִרְיַת יְעָרִים18Kiriath-Jearim
1644נטף18to drip, secrete; to drivel, foam at the mouth, prophesy ecstatically
1645מָנוֹחַ 218Manoah
1646תכן18to examine, check; to make correct; to measure up, assess, calculate the size
1648קִינָה 118funeral song, dirge; lament, lamentation
1650יוֹצֵר18potter; thrower, caster
1651אָפִיק 118stream-bed; barrels (of bones)
1653חָצִיר 118grass
1654פלח18to pierce through; to plow; to cut in pieces; to give birth; to serve; (pt.) servant; serve
1655לעג18to stammer, to deride; (pt.) jeering; with a stammering tongue, in a foreign language
1658אַנְתּוּן18you; you (m.p.)
1659דכא18to crush, beat; to be/lie crushed; pt. oppressed
1661יבל 118to be brought; to bring
1662צִיָּה18dry; (subst.) dry landscape/region, dryness
1663פֶּ֫תִי 118young, naive person
1664רָקִיעַ17the beaten metal plate, or bow; firmament, the firm vault of heaven
1665מֶמְשָׁלָה17dominion; area of one’s dominion; military strength
1666רמשׂ17to slink, crawl; to arise, be aroused
1667שֵׁם 217Shem
1669חֹ֫מֶר 217clay
1671עשׁר17to become rich; to make rich; to gain riches
1672אֵימָה17fright, horror
1673נֶ֫זֶם17ring, nose-ring, earring
1674תֶּ֫בֶן17crushed stalks, straw, chaff
1675אחר17to linger; detain; delay, hesitate; give hesitatingly
1676מַתָּנָה 117present, gift
1677עָיֵף17tired, exhausted
1678צוד17to hunt; to hunt for, hound; to capture
1679אָכֵן 117surely; however
1680תְּרָפִים17image; idol
1681תֹּף17hand-drum, tambourine
1682יְגִיעַ17property; toil, labor; product of labor, acquisition
1683חצה17to reach; to divide, divide into; to be divided
1684יבם17to consummate a marriage with a brother-in-law
1686מרר17to be bitter; to be desperate, bewildered; to make bitter
1688חשׁך17to be, grow dark, dim; to make, become dark
1689שָׂכִיר17hireling, day-laborer; mercenary, hired soldier
1690עֹז 217refuge, protection
1691עֲרָפֶל17thick darkness
1692חָפְשִׁי17free; set free; exempt from tax
1695מִסְגֶּ֫רֶת17prison; ridge running round a table, frame
1696פֶּ֫רַח17bud, blossom; flower or calyx-shaped ornament
1697עָמֹק17deep; deep-seated; unfathomable, mysterious
1698שָׁפָל17humble; low lying, deeply embedded; low in height; of little value, low standing
1699נקף 217to surround; to revolve, recur; to encircle; to round off, trim
1700רגם17to stone; to cover with stones
1701כתת17to beat, crush fine; to scatter; to be pushed/bump oneself (against)
1703חִידָה17riddle; ambiguous saying
1704עֲנָק 217Anak
1705שִׂנְאָה17hate, enmity
1706אֵיכָה17how?; where?; alas! How!
1707סרר17to be stubborn
1708דָּרוֹם17south wind; the south
1709אַבִּיר17strong, powerful, mighty, valiant
1711עוה17to twist; to do wrong; to be bent, be irritated/confused
1713הלל 317to be infatuated; to make look foolish; to make a mockery of; to act like a madman
1714חָסֵר17one in want (of)
1715מְצוּדָה 217mountain stronghold
1716עָצָב17idol; false god
1717עלז17to exult, triumph
1720שׁוּשַׁן 117lily; flower of the lily; lotus blossom
1721רכל17(pt.) trader, vendor
1722תָּא17niche, alcove; guardchamber, observation post
1723קדר17to become dark, dull, dirty; to be dirty, untidy, in mourning garb
1724רַ֫עַשׁ17earthquake; roar, din; quaking, shaking
1725אָמוֹן 217Amon (person)
1730הֵן17if; whether
1731יַד17hand; paw; might, power
1732סֶ֫גֶן17official; principal
1733חפר 217to be ashamed; to feel abashed, to act shamefully
1734שׁחח17to cower, crouch; to bow down, be bent over; to utter low, muffled sounds; to demolish, throw down
1735קָלוֹן17shame, ignominy
1736שָׁאוֹן 217noise, roar
1737צְלֵם17statue; statue the
1738נוּר17fire; fire the
1739יַבָּשָׁה16dry land; mainland
1740ישׁן 116to sleep; to fall asleep
1741עָרוֹם16naked; lightly dressed (in undergarments)
1742קַ֫יִן 216Cain
1743חָם 316Ham
1744רַךְ16tender, weak; spoiled, coddled; soft, gentle, mild
1745הָ֫לְאָה16there, thither, further; onward
1746ינק16to suck; to suckle, nurse
1747ערה16to reveal; to uncover; to expose; to pour out, empty
1748עָשׂוֹר16a group of ten; the tenth day
1749עצם 116to be powerful; to be countless; to make more powerful
1750הֵן 216they (f.)
1751יצג16to set, place; to be left behind
1752חֹ֫רֶב16heat; dryness, drought; devastation, waste
1753רֵיקָם16with empty hands; without possessions/family/cause/success/plunder/gifts
1754טבל16to dip something; to dive, plunge
1755חַרְטֹם16soothsayer-priests; magician; soothsayer-priest
1756חֶצְרוֹן 116Hezron (person)
1758אוֹן 116wealth; power (generative, physical)
1759נָזִיר16Nazirite; devoted, consecrated, devotee; free growing crop; devotee, prince
1760מִסְפֵּד16funeral ceremony, mourning rites
1761מַכְאֹב16pain; suffering
1762חגג16to stagger; to walk in procession, to celebrate a pilgrim’s feast
1763פרע16to let free; to make someone go out of control, allow to run wild; to leave unattended
1764קַשׁ16straw stubble
1767אֶזְרָח16the native, full citizen
1768מָכוֹן16place, site; support (for throne)
1769ענה 416to sing
1770שְׁאֵר16meat; body, flesh; flesh signifying a familial relationship, relative
1771שַׂלְמָה 116mantle, cloak; wrap, cover; garment, clothing
1772סַם16spices; fragrant perfumes, frankincense
1773סכך 116to shut off as a protection; to shut off, make inaccessible
1774כַּפְתּוֹר 216knob of a lampstand; capital of a pillar
1775קבל16to accept, receive; to confront aggressively; (pt.) opposite, interlinked; to receive; receive
1776קֶ֫לַע 216curtain
1777בֹּ֫הֶן16thumb; big toe
1778מַחֲצִית16half, middle
1779קצץ16to shatter; to trim; to cut, chop off; to cut off; chop off
1780יקד16to burn; to be kindled; blazing the
1781מרט16to pull out; to wipe, sharpen; to become bald; (pass.) to be plucked out; plucked off
1783פֵּ֫שֶׁת16flax, linen
1784גַּ֫חַל16(burning) charcoal
1785אוֹב 216necromancer; spirit of the dead
1786גְּאֻלָּה16deliverance; right and obligation of repurchase; repurchase
1787נָקָם16revenge, vengeance
1788שׁוט 116to turn hither and thither; to row; to rove about, roam
1790הוֹשֵׁעַ16Hoshea; Hosea
1791יֶ֫קֶב16winepress; lower reservoir; upper reservoir
1792גָּדֵר16dry-stone wall
1793שׁור 116to look at from a bent position
1794כזב16to lie; to deceive, to fail; to prove oneself a liar; to brand somebody as a liar
1796זוּלָה16except, only; save that
1800חצב 116to cut, hew out; to dress (stones); to weigh in, knock down
1801מָעוֹן 216dwelling; hidden lair
1803אזר16to gird, put on the loincloth; to tie up, embrace, surround
1804חֶמְדָּה16delightful; desirable things, precious things
1805נֵר 216Ner
1806בעת16to terrify; to be gripped by a sudden fear
1807מַטָּרָה16target; guard, watch
1808שׁנה 116to change, be changed, altered, different
1809שֶׂ֫כֶל16success; insight, understanding
1811קֶ֫שֶׁר16alliance, conspiracy
1813שׁוה 116to be (become) the same, be equal; to be appropriate, be in accordance
1814חֹזֶה 116seer
1816שְׂבָכָה16net, grid, trellis- or lattice-work
1817סְעָרָה16high wind
1819רַב־שָׁקֵה16Rabshakeh; chief spokesperson; chief cup-bearer
1821בצע16to sever; to make profit; to break away; to cut off; to finish, bring fulfillment
1822גַּל 216wave
1823לֵץ16chatterers, scoffers
1824מָשׂוֹשׂ 116joy
1825מָדוֹן 116strife, quarreling, scolding
1826סגד16to bow down (in prayer); worship; to pay homage (to)
1828תַּנִּין15dragon; serpent; sea-monster, sea-dragon; crocodile
1829צֶ֫לֶם 115idol; statue, inscribed column; image, figure, replica, likeness
1831פצה15to swallow; to set free; to open the mouth wide; to move the lips
1832חֲנוֹךְ 115Enoch (person)
1833עצב 215to rebuke, hurt; to be worried; to grieve; to hurt oneself; to hurt someone’s feelings
1834עֵ֫בֶר 215Eber
1836לַפִּיד15lightning; torch
1837גְּבִירָה15mistress; queen; queen mother
1839עֵ֫קֶב15the very back, the end; result, wages
1840קדד15to bow, kneel down
1841אֻמָּה15tribe, small group of people; nation; nation the
1842תָּם15healthy; complete, perfect; well-behaved, civilized; guiltless, without sin; upright, honest
1843גְּדִי15kid (goat, sheep)
1844תֹּ֫אַר15appearance, form
1845גזז15to shear; to be cut off
1847חוֹתָם 115seal
1848פֶּ֫רֶץ 215Perez
1850שִׁבֹּ֫לֶת 115an ear of grain; branch
1853חוּר 215Hur
1854תַּ֫חַשׁ 115porpoise, dolphin, dugong, narwhal; leather
1855מִלֻּאִים15setting; consecration
1856כָּלִיל15entirety; entire, whole, complete; whole-offering
1858דֶּ֫שֶׁן15fatness; fatty ashes
1859פרס15to be divided; to break, divide; to divide; (pass.) to be divided; divide
1860מִכְשׁוֹל15hindrance, offence
1862מור15to change; to change oneself; to exchange
1863אֶ֫לֶף 315tribe; group of a thousand; clan; region
1866עֲרוֹעֵר 215Aroer
1867ערץ15to terrify; to be terrified, be in dread; to be in awe
1870מְחִיר 115money; wages; equivalent value, purchase price
1871רגע15to get some peace, stay, linger, make peace; to harden; to still; to split, stir up
1873גֶּ֫זֶר 215Gezer
1874חָצוֹר 115Hazor
1875כַּרְמֶל 315Carmel (mountain)
1876גֻּלָּה15basin, bowl; spring of water
1878צֶ֫מֶד15team, yoke; area of land plowable by a team of oxen in a day
1879אמל 115to wither, to dry out; to dwindle
1882נגן15to play a stringed instrument; (pt.) string players
1886גְּעָרָה15threat; rebuke
1887נחת15to pull back; to travel down; to penetrate; to flatten, sink; to deport; put; to come down; to deposit
1888צמת15to destroy, ruin, corrupt; to silence
1889דְּבִיר 115holy of holies
1891כַּרְמֶל 115orchard; tree plantation
1894גָּלוּת15exile; exiles
1896נְהַר15stream; river the
1898זְמָן15a fixed time, a moment; sacred occasion, feast; time, turn; time the; appointed time, hour
1899שַׂגִּיא15great; very much; much, many; exalted
1900שׁלט15to have/gain/exercise power over; to rule/have power (over); to make oneself master (of); make ruler
1901שׁאף15to gasp, pant; to be a nuisance, pester; to strive, press on
1902מִבְטָח15trust, reliance
1903שְׂחוֹק15pleasure; laughter; mockery, derision, laughingstock
1904רְמִיָּה15treacherous; slack, loose; slackly, negligently; slackness, indolence; fraud, deception
1905סוּפָה 115storm, gale
1906נְגִינָה15mocking song; music played on strings; technical musical term
1909עֲבֵד נְגוֹ15abed-nego; abednego
1910חוה15to interpret; tell; to show, make known
1911חַכִּים15wise men; wise, wise man
1912דֶּ֫שֶׁא14grass, moss
1913שׁרץ14to creep, move, swarm
1914כבשׁ14to subjugate; to violate
1915עֵ֫דֶן 214Eden (place)
1916עָלֶה14leaf, foliage
1917נשׁא 214to cheat, deceive; to entertain false hopes
1918עָקֵב14footprint; heel; hoof; rearguard
1919מִכְסֶה14overlay, cover
1920רוח14to smell; to be relieved; (pt.) wide, spacious
1921מוֹרָא14fear; awe; terror
1923גָּלָל 214because of
1925תּוֹר 214turtle-dove
1926עַ֫יִט14bird of prey
1927צחק14to laugh; to joke; to dally with
1928פַּת14scrap, piece; crumbs
1929קֶ֫מַח14flour (wheat or barley); breadfruit still to be ground
1930מֶ֫לַח 214salt
1931תּוֹשָׁב14resident alien, sojourner
1932פַּדַּן אֲרָם14Paddan-aram
1933סתם14to stop up; to block, obstruct; to disguise, keep secret
1934כרה 114to hollow out, dig
1935פגשׁ14to confront/encounter/meet someone
1936עכר14to entangle, put into disorder, bring disaster, throw into confusion, ruin
1937גער14to rebuke, speak insultingly to
1938רֵיק14empty; vain; unprincipled
1940דַּק14fine; thin; scarce; small, soft
1941בַּר 314(clean, threshed) grain
1942רעב14to be hungry, suffer famine, starve
1943שַׁלִּיט14having power; ruler; powerful, mighty; officer, ruler; sovereign
1944יָגוֹן14agony, grief
1945מַשְׂאֵת14elevation; tribute, present
1946גָּבִיעַ14bowl; (golden) candleholder
1948גְּוִיָּה14corpse; body
1949אֵיתָן 114always filled with running water; constant, continual
1950קָדְקֹד14skull, crown
1955לון14to murmur
1956כֹּ֫פֶר 414bribe; ransom (to avoid impending punishment)
1957צִיץ 114flowers, blossoms; rosette, medallion
1958חַלָּה14ring-shaped bread
1960כָּבֵד 214liver; liver-divination
1961צבא14to go to war, fight; to be on duty; to levy for military service
1962פְּנִ֫ימָה14into; within, inside
1963נֶ֫תֶק14disease of the skin, scabies; herpes of the head and beard, trichophytia
1964פְּעֻלָּה14work, labor; action; wage, reward, punishment
1967דֶּ֫גֶל14division; banners, standards; division (of a tribe)
1968קצר 214to be short, too short, shortened; to shorten; to be brief
1969קבב 214to curse, enchant
1970מחץ14to smash
1971זִמְרִי 114Zimri
1972אנף14to be angry (said of God) with
1973גרה14to stir up strife, to go to court; to strive, battle
1975אֶ֫לֶף 114cattle
1977רֹאשׁ 214poison, venom; a poisonous plant
1979תִּרְצָה 214Tirzah (place)
1981שִׂיחַ 214praise; lament; passage under dispute; discourse
1982טעם14to perceive; to taste; to savor, eat; to give to eat; cause to graze
1983טול14to throw far; to be hurled down
1985צַ֫עַד14step; (metaph.) way
1987ברר 114to purge out, select, choose; to keep clean; to sift, to sort out
1989גַּו14back; middle; the middle; interior, inner part
1991חכה14to wait (for); to be patient; to tarry
1992בוז14to show contempt, despise
1995חַד14one; first; a, an
1996עֲבַר14beyond; the opposite bank
1997אִלֵּךְ14these; those
1998רֵאשׁ14head; beginning
1999יוֹם14day; lifetime; (pl.) reign


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