The Hebrew Testament- Word Frequency List (Second 500 Words, Part 2) 2019

It was too much to put all 5000+ Hebrew words on one post, so I plan to make multiple posts of 500 words. This is the second 500 most frequently used Hebrew words in the Hebrew Testament. To find the next post, search something like “Hebrew Word list part 3” on this website’s search bar.

501סתר81to hide oneself; to hide; to be hidden (pt.) secret things
502הָמוֹן81turmoil; agitation; noise, roar, din; procession, pomp; multitude, crowd, army; abundance, wealth
503מכר81to sell; to betray to others, sell off; to be sold; to sell oneself
504חֹ֫שֶׁךְ80darkness; darkening
505משׁל 280to rule; to make someone lord; (inf.) dominion
507שׁחט 180to slaughter
508יְשׁוּעָה80help, salvation; acts of salvation, help
509זעק80to cry, call for help; to summon, raise a battle cry; cry out; to shriek
510הֵיכָל80palace; Temple
512זָכָר79man, male person; male animal, ram
513קָרְבָּן79offering, gift
514אוֹצָר79supplies, storeroom, treasure
516תֵּ֫שַׁע78nine; (pl.) ninety
517נחל78to maintain as a possession; to take possession; to give as an inheritance, assign
518נֶ֫גַע77onset of illness; affliction, plague, infestation; blow, violent crime
520שׁוֹר77a bovid; ox, bull, cow, calf
521חלה 177to grow weak, tired; to fall sick, be ill; to feel pain
522תְּרוּמָה77contribution; offering
523גּוֹרָל77lot; destiny; allocation by lot
524אָ֫וֶן77deception; evil; calamity; sin, injustice; false, idolatrous
525עֵז76goat; goat hair; (goats)
526נצב 176to place oneself; to be positioned, stand; to remain standing; to oppose
527נַעֲרָה 176attendant; young unmarried girl; (title used by the parents of a) newly married girl
528עֹז 176might, strength; in strength; fortified, strong, well founded; ramparts
530עָנִי76without property; poor, wretched, needy
532שׁבת75to cease, stop; to be absent; to come to an end, perish, die; to rest, celebrate (the Sabbath)
534לין75to leave overnight; to spend the night, stay overnight; to stay, dwell
535קָרוֹב 175near, nearby, close, closest
536שָׁלָל75gain; booty, spoil, goods that have been plundered
537לָא75not; nothing; not, no, un-, non-, without, -less
538עֲשָׂרָה74ten; group of ten
539חֶרְפָּה74disgrace, shame; reviling, taunt
540צוּר 174rock; rocky ground, rock face; boulder; rocky hill, mountain
541מאס 174to refuse, reject
542כעס74to irritate; to be vexed; to grieve, disturb; to offend, to provoke to anger
544סֶ֫לָה74Selah (technical term)
545עוֹף73everything that flies; bird
546מִקְנֶה73property; land, livestock
548כְּנַעֲנִי73Canaanite; tradesman
549רחץ73to douse, wash, bathe, rinse; trust; to trust (in)
550פלא73to do something wonderful; to be too difficult; to be unusual, wonderful; (pt.) miraculous acts
551חפץ 173to take pleasure/delight in, desire; to be willing, inclined
552בּוֹר73cistern; pitfall; world of the dead; (metaph.) woman, wife
553אסר73capture; tie; to bind; keep in confinement
554אֶ֫רֶז73tree species, trad. cedar
555מִזְרָח73sunrise; the east
557מַדּוּעַ72on what account?, why?
559גָּד72Gad (tribe, person)
561שׁוֹפָר72horn, used as an instrument
562קִיר 172wall
563הֶ֫בֶל 172breath; vanity; idols
564בְּרָכָה 171blessing, blessing formula, blessing gift, surrender
565שׁכם71to do early; to get up early; to start out early
566מִשְׁמֶ֫רֶת71guard; obligation; what is to be held in trust; service, duty
567ריב71to strive, quarrel, attack; to complain, make/contest a law suit
568צָרָה 171enmity; need, distress, anxiety
570פֵּאָה 171corner; side, edge; hairline; region, direction
571חֵן70grace, charm; favor, popularity
572תקע70to drive in; clap; blow (a trumpet/horn)
573גִּבְעָה 170hill
574זָר70other; strange, different, heterogeneous, illicit; unauthorized; non-Israelite; prohibited
575כְּסִיל 170insolent; stupid
576ארר69to bind with a curse; to lay/be under a curse
578כִּכָּר69vicinity; a round disk; a disk-shaped loaf of bread; a disk as weight or unit of measurement, a talent
580עֶלְיוֹן69something that is higher, upper; elyon: “most high”; the most high; the most-high
581צַר 269enemy
582צלח69to force entry, to cut through, cross, to rush to; to succeed, be successful; prosper; to cause someone to prosper; to make progress; to proceed
583משׁח 169to anoint; to smear with liquid
585קָדִים69eastern; eastwards; the east; easterly; the east wind
588הוה69be; to be; to happen; to exist
589אמר69to say, to speak, to command; say
590שׁקה68to provide/obtain drink for; to irrigate
591קֵץ67end; border; destination
592פוץ67to spread, disperse; to overflow
593נבט67to look, behold, look at; to look across
595רפא67to heal, repair, rebuild; (pt.) healer
596יָרֵא67fearful; in fear of
597קֶ֫בֶר67grave, burial chamber
598טוֹבָה67good things; goodness, kindness, happiness
599פרשׂ67to scatter; to spread out, stretch out; to break
600כָּתֵף67side; shoulder; upper arm; mountain slope
601אָמָה66slave (maid, concubine)
602שְׁאֵרִית66remnant; what is left over, remainder
603נצח66to inspect; (pt.) perpetual, enduring; distinguishing himself; to distinguish oneself
604תפשׂ65to lay hold of, seize; to handle, use, perform a task
605אֲחֻזָּה65property; landed property
607אחז 165to seize, to grasp, to hold on to
608שְׁאוֹל65Sheol; wasteland, void, underworld
609יְאֹר65stream; the Nile; branches and canals of the Lower Nile; (water-filled) galleries (of mines)
610גֶּ֫בֶר 165young, (strong) man
611חרם 165to dedicate; to put under a ban
612חֵ֫לֶק 264share of booty, possession
613מָלֵא64full; full of
615גְּבוּרָה64strength; strength, might; power the
616כשׁל64to stumble, stagger
617יבשׁ63to dry up, become/be dry, whither
618ברח 163to run away, to flee; to chase away
619נֶ֫סֶךְ 163drink offering, libation
620קרע63to tear away; to rip/cut/tear to pieces
621תמם63to finish; to be (become) completed, finished; to come to an end, expire, cease, perish; to be innocent, perfect
622דּוֹד63beloved, lover; father’s brother; pl. love (lust)
624קֶ֫דֶם62east; in front; before, earlier, in olden days; prehistoric times, primeval time
625חָמָס62violence, wrong
626רִיב62a dispute, brawl, quarrel, lawsuit, legal case/process
627חֶבְרוֹן 162Hebron (place)
628אַחֲרִית62finally; result; future; descendants; end, issue; hind parts; following period; least important
629חַג62procession, round dance, festival
630דרך62to tread, tread down; to bend the bow; to press; to reach
632צעק61to shout, call out; to cry; to muster
634יכח61to argue; to be found to be right; to rebuke, reproach, chasten, punish; to decide, mediate, appoint, assign
636צרר 161to wrap, envelop, tie/lock up; to be cramped, restricted, hampered, constricted; to be depressed, worried; to harass
637זנה 161to commit fornication, be unfaithful; to abandon someone to fornication
638אֶבְיוֹן61needy, poor
639שׁדד61to devastate, despoil, deal violently with; (pt.) the destroyer
640שׂכל 160to have success; to understand, comprehend
641מָגֵן 160shield; ornament; scales; (metaph.) protection
642רחק60to be far/distant; to distance, remove
643אֵ֫צֶל60side; beside
645נצר60to keep watch, watch over, keep from; to protect, preserve; to observe, comply with
647בִּלְעָם 160Bileam (person), Balaam
648מְדִינָה60province, district; city; satrapy; province the
650הִמּוֹ60they; they (m.)
651יהב59(imperative) give; (interjection) come! come on!; to give; be given
652אֹ֫רַח59ground; way; dam; behavior
653מִדְיָן 259Midian
654בְּלִי59without; (subts.) wearing out, decay; cessation, ending
655בער 159to burn; to burn up, consume, scorch; to kindle, light
656פדה59to buy out; to redeem; to be ransomed, be released
657יעץ59to advise; to plan, decide
658טֶ֫רֶם58before, not yet, even before
659נטע58to plant; to drive in
660עֲבוּר58produce; (prep.) because of, for the sake of; (conj.) so that
661רֵיחַ58odor, fragrance; smell
662נכר58to investigate; to recognize; to know, acknowledge; to misjudge, make a false presentation; to deface; to inspect carefully
663רחם58to love; to greet (meet) with love, take pity
664סֶ֫לַע58a rock; cliffs; Sela (place)
665עֲרָבָה 358desert; steppe
666חתת58to be shattered, filled with terror; to dishearten; to shatter
667אֱלוֹהַּ58God; god, deity
670דְּנָה58this; this (m.)
671עֵ֫מֶק 157land in a valley; plains, valleys
672קָנֶה57stalk; reed; spice reed; reed’s length (6 cubits); humerus; beam of a balance
673פָּרָשׁ57horseman; horse
674פעל57to make, accomplish, to prepare; to commit, practice, demonstrate
675אֶ֫דֶן57pedestal, base
677יַ֫עַר 157thicket, undergrowth, wood; park
678מִלָּה57word; matter, affair; matter the; word (written, spoken)
680מַלְכוּ57kingdom; reign; kingship, sovereignty; kingdom, realm
682מִזְמוֹר57psalm; accompanied song; worldly song
683זרע56to sow
684רְבִיעִי56fourth; a fourth part (quarter)
685דבק56to cling, stick, cleave, hold; cling; to cling to, stick together
686עֶ֫שֶׂר56ten; group of ten
687מַחֲשָׁבָה56plan; invention; thought, intent
688שְׂמֹאל56the left side, left; unprofitable, unfortunate; northward, to the north
689רָצוֹן56will; favor; what is pleasing; pleasure, liking
690חָזָק56strong; powerful; firm, hard; heavy, severe
691תְּהִלָּה56glory, praise; song of praise; (pl.) praiseworthy actions; songs of praise
692שְׁמָמָה56wasteland; deserted, uninhabited regions
693נדח 156to drive away, scatter from one another; to push away, oust; to entice; to tempt, seduce
695אֱדַ֫יִן56then; then, thus, so then
696בקע55to split, cleave, hatch, force a breach
697חלק 255to divide, apportion, distribute, share with, partner with
698פרר 155to break, destroy, suspend, foil, make useless
699אַלְמָנָה55widow, wife
700גֶּ֫פֶן55climbing plant, vine
701בָּחוּר55young man
703קָטֹן54small; young, youngest
704חדל 154to cease, refrain, forbear, desist
705שַׁדַּי54Shaddai; almighty
706אבה54to want, be willing, consent, yield
707לָבָן 254Laban (person)
708יצק54to pour out; to dispense; to cast (metal); to flow into; to empty
709מָחָר54next day, tomorrow; in the future
710עָמָל 154acquisition; harm; trouble; care, anxiety; need
712שֵׁן 154ivory; tooth; prong; crag
713יְרִיעָה54tent; tent curtain
714מִדָּה 154measured length
715רנן54to call loudly, shrilly; to rejoice; to exult
716רוע54to cry, cry out, shout; to raise the war-cry/alarm; to rejoice, cheer
718סֹ֫לֶת53wheat porridge, groats, finely milled flour
719מַצָּה 153unleavened bread; matzah
720צֵל53shadow; protection
721חרשׁ 253to be deaf; to keep, be silent
723חָדָשׁ53new, fresh
724שָׁוְא53destruction; worthless; futile, inconsequential; unrestrained; false; magic
725מָרוֹם53heaven; height; upward; elevated site:; elevated socially
728רֵאשִׁית52beginning, what comes first, starting point; first and best; first-fruit, choicest portion
729עֶרְוָה52nakedness, genital area
730תעה52to stagger; to wander about, err
731טַף 152little children; those unable to march
732שָׂעִיר 252billy-goat, buck
733רפה52to grow slack, release, let go
734מדד52to measure
735בגד52to deal treacherously with; to depart treacherously from
736סֹפֵר52scribe, secretary; state/royal scribe; conversant with the scriptures
738הוֹי52ah! alas!; ha!
741אַחֲרוֹן51last; in the future; western; at the back; later on
742כבס51to full, clean cloths; to clean, cleanse, wash
743שְׁבִי51booty; captivity; captive
744יוֹמָם51by day; at dawn
745קֶ֫רֶשׁ51plank, planks; (ship’s) deck, mast, cabin?
747מוֹשָׁב50home; dwelling place; habitation; position; seat, site; period of residence
748שְׁכֶם 250Shechem (place)
749חִנָּם50in vain; without (giving or taking) compensation; without cause, undeservedly
750פַּ֫חַד 150fear; trembling, dread
751רצה 150to take pleasure in, be favorable to someone, be well disposed; to accept with pleasure; to become friends
753חיל 150to be in labor; to writhe, tremble; to bring forth (through labor)
754מוּסָר50discipline; chastisement; training; exhortation, warning
755גֵּיא בֶן־הִנֹּם50Valley of the Son of Hinnom
757קָצִיר 149cutting; the grain harvest; harvest crops
758קָטָן 149small; young
759הַרְבֵּה49much, many, very, very much
760נשׂג49to collect, reach; to be sufficient, produce; to appear
761שַׂק49sack; blanket; leg; shin, leg
762יצב49to take one’s stand; to present oneself; make certain; to make certain
763נגף49to strike; to injure by striking; to strike one’s foot, stumble
764יסד 149to found, establish, lay a foundation; to destine, allocate
766גָּאוֹן49height; eminence; pride; presumption
767אֱמוּנָה49honesty; steadfastness; trustworthiness, faithfulness; (permanent) official duty
768תְּכֵ֫לֶת49a bluish (or violet) purple wool/dye
769אֵפֹד 149ephod; cult object
770נְבֵלָה49corpse, carcass
772ברא 148to create; to be created
773נְעוּרִים48a stage in life, time of youth; time when a young woman is not betrothed
776אוּלַי 248unless; perhaps; may be
778נקה48to leave unpunished; to be free, unmarried; to be without blame; to remain blameless; to be emptied
780אָשָׁם48guilt; guilt-offering; restitution; gift of atonement, compensation
781סמך48to befall; to support; to sustain, help; (pt.) supported, unflinching, firm
782דַּל 248insignificant; low, poor; helpless; powerless; downcast, sullen
783קוה 148to await, hope; to wait for
784תִּפְאֶ֫רֶת48pride; beauty, ornament; glory, splendor, radiance; fame, honor
785גִּלּוּלִים48(images of) idols
786אֵ֫מֶר 148word
787חֶ֫בֶל 248rope, cord, snare, fetter
788גּוֹלָה48deportation, exile; the deported, exiles
789תְּאֵנָה47fig; fig-tree
790הֵ֫נָּה 147hither; here; until now; here … there
791ירה 347to instruct, teach
792אַרְיֵה 147lion
793עַד 147lasting future time
794צפה 247to overlay; to serve up
795נתץ47to tear down, pull down
796מַכָּה47wound; plague; blow; defeat
800אור46to dawn, become light; to shine, illuminate, ignite
801עצר46to hold back, restrain; to keep a firm hold on, arrest; to lock up
802רְחֹב 146an open plaza
803מִשְׁתֶּה46banquet; drinking; consumption of drink
804פרץ 146to make a split; to make a breach; to break down/through/out
805רָחֵל 246Rachel
807מאן46to refuse
808בהל46to be horrified, to be out of one’s senses; make haste; to terrify; to frighten, terrify; to hasten; terrify
809תְּבוּאָה46harvest; produce, yield
810דֶּ֫בֶר 146bubonic plague
811יַם־סוּף46Sea of Reeds
812חגר46to gird oneself/someone
813רצח46to kill, murder, strike down, slay
814סלח46to be indulgent towards, forgive
815חלץ46to draw off, withdraw; (pt.) girded, ready for fighting; to be delivered; to become equipped
816זמר 146to sing, praise, play an instrument
817קשׁב46to listen attentively, pay attention, be alert
820בדל45to withdraw, go over, be excluded, singled out; to separate, to divide from, single out
822גרשׁ 145to drive out, cast out
824קוֹמָה45height, size; great height
825נִיחוֹחַ45appeasement; offering; incense offering; offering of incense
826שׁבה45to capture in the course of battle, deport
828שֶׂה45small livestock beast: sheep or goat
830קשׁר45to tie, bind, league together, conspire
831נָכְרִי45foreign; foreigner
832פשׁט45to plunder; to attack; to spread out, take off; to strip off, remove
833מָתְנַ֫יִם45loins; hips
834מִשְׁכָּב45lodging (place), bed; marriage bed
835הרס45to tear down; to throw down, annihilate, overthrow, ruin
836מַעֲלָה45upward movement; pilgrimage; step, stair
837אַשְׁרֵי45happy, blessed is he who
838גיל45to shout in exultation, rejoice
839בַּ֫יִת45house, palace, temple; house
840יצר44to create; to be formed; to form, fashion
841הרה44to conceive, be pregnant
842אזן 144to listen, hear; to heed something
843בלל44to moisten with, pour (oil); to mix up, confound; to feed
847פגע44to meet; to fall upon; to go pleading to/press someone
850מָתַי44when?; a time when
851שִׁמְעִי 144Shimei
852נֵר 144light, lamp
853מרה44to be recalcitrant, rebellious; to behave rebelliously
855אָן43where?; when?; where to?
856נָקִי43blameless; unmarried
860בֶּ֫טַח 143confidence, security
861בזז43to plunder; nif./pu. To be plundered
862יָתוֹם43orphan; fatherless
863מַשָּׂא 143carrying; load, burden
864לוּחַ43tablet; board, plank
865שֶׁ֫בֶר 143breaking, break; collapse
866קִנְאָה43jealousy, zeal
869בזה42to despise; (nif. Pt.) despised, despicable; (hif.) to make despicable
870גנב42to steal, purloin; to deceive
871סָרִיס42eunuch; high official
874חֶ֫דֶר42dark room
875רגז42to tremble, to quake with fear, to get excited; to irritate; cause anger
876אָחוֹר42back; behind; later; west
877זוב42to flow, drip, suffer a discharge
878חָרְבָּה42site of ruins
879אֱנוֹשׁ 142(all) human beings, man; (some) men, people; single human being
880גִּבְעָה 242Gibea
881נָגִיד42leader; officer; prince; head of a family; court official; cult official
883נֵ֫צַח 142duration; splendor, glory
886צֵלָע 141side; rib; (arch. term) extra storey, side-building, wainscot, supporting beam
887יחל41to wait; to cause to hope
889יָפֶה41beautiful; right
890מָחֳרָת41the following day; on the day after
891נחה 141to lead; to conduct
892אמץ41to be strong; to strengthen, let grow strong, make firm; to prove to be strong
893בֵּית לֶ֫חֶם41Bethlehem
894צדק41to be in the right, be right; to be just
895בלע 141destroy; to swallow, to engulf: be swallowed up
896מְלֹא41that which fills, makes full; fullness, full amount, measure, extent
897חמל41to have/treat with compassion; to spare, save
898תּוֹלֵעָה41worm; crimson; glow-worm
899מְנוֹרָה41menorah, lampstand, light
900תְּבוּנָה41understanding, cleverness, skill
901מוט41to sway; to be made to stagger, totter
902אֶ֫פֶס41extremity, end; nothing, nothingness
903ארב41to lie in ambush, to ambush; to lay an ambush
904שׁקט41to be at rest; to be peaceful, quiet; to give peace; to keep the peace
905צֹר 241Tyre
907בשׂר41to bring news; (pt.) herald of good tidings; to tell, to announce; to receive good news
910נוע40to tremble; to roam around; to cause to move to and fro, make unstable; to shake up, disturb; to shake
911צִפּוֹר 140bird, winged creature
912זַ֫יִת40olive tree, olive
913חרב 140to dry up, be dried; to be in ruins, lay waste
914כָּבֵד 140difficult; heavy; oppressing; weighty; dull, unresponsive; thick
915מְעָרָה 140cave; (once alt. Mearah)
916קנא40to envy, be jealous; to get heated, become excited; to annoy, torment, hurt; to rebel, fight for, support
917חרד40to tremble, hurry, take trouble, worry; to startle
919נטשׁ40to give up; to throw down; to leave fallow, uncultivated; to hand over; to leave off; to leave unheeded; to overrun; to be rampant; to lie unnoticed
921עוד 240to call/require as witness; to witness, be a witness; to admonish
922כול40to hold, take; to hold, contain; to endure, bear; to sustain; to comprehend
923מְרָרִי40Merari; Merarite
925בַּד 240shoots; staves, carrying poles
927אֲשֵׁרָה40Asherah; asherah, cultic pole
928יסר 140to instruct; to chastise, rebuke
929גִּלְגָּל 240Gilgal
930פֹּ֫עַל40action, deed, accomplishment, labor, behavior
931יַ֫חַד40together; community; altogether
932מַחֲלֹ֫קֶת40portion; division; distribution
933פשׁע40to break with/away from; to behave as a criminal; (pt.) disloyal
934תּוֹלֵדוֹת39descendants, successors
935אֵי39where?; where then? From where?
936מחה 139to wipe clean; to wipe out, annihilate
938בְּאֵר 139watering place, well of underground water
939שָׂרָה 239Sarah
940מַר 139bitter; bitterness
941מִרְמָה 139trick, fraud; disillusionment
942צפה 139to keep watch; to spy, look, scan, examine
943שֵׁשׁ 339linen
944רַחֲמִים39a feeling of love, loving sensation, mercy
945מָשִׁיחַ39Messiah; the anointed one
946מעל39to be untrue, violate one’s legal obligations
948קִרְיָה39village, town; city the
949מָשָׁל 139saying, proverb; wisdom saying; song of jest, mocking
950בִּינָה39understanding; discernment
951שַׁמָּה 139horror; horrific, atrocious event
953עִמָּד38with; at
954שֵׂעִיר 138Seir (mountain, place, tribe)
956ארך38to be, become long; to make long
957תִּירוֹשׁ38sweet wine, must
958עֵ֫דֶר 138herd
959אַהֲבָה 138love; loving
963אֵיפָה38ephah; grain-measure
964אַרְגָּמָן38wool dyed with red purple
965קהל38to assemble
966זרה 138to scatter, winnow
967דַּי38sufficiency, what is required, enough
968כלם38to harm somebody; to insult; to put to shame
969חֶשְׁבּוֹן 238Hesbon
970אתה38to come; to bring; come
971חרף 238to annoy, taunt
972נפץ 138to smash; to smash to pieces
973שִׁמְשׁוֹן38Samson; Shimshon
974יֵ֫שַׁע38happiness; help, deliverance, salvation
975פֶּחָה38official; governor
976שְׁמַ֫יִן38heaven the; heaven, sky
978חבא37to hide oneself; to be hidden
979נקם37to take revenge, avenge oneself
980אִמְרָה37word, saying; God’s word
983חֵיק37lap; fold (of the garment); bottom of the chariot; altar groove
984עֳנִי37captivity; misery, oppressed situation, poverty
985גמל37to complete; to wean; to do to, show
988לקט37to collect; to gather, glean
990אשׁם37to be guilty; to pay, suffer for one’s guilt; to make someone pay for
991מִבְצָר 137secure position; fortified
992חסה37to take refuge
995מַלְכָּה37queen; wife of the king; queen the; the queen-mother
996שְׁאָר37remainder, excess; rest, remains; the remainder of
997תְּהוֹם36flood, deluge; primaeval ocean/flood
998אִי 136coast, island
999נֵכָר36foreigner, foreign country
1000נסה36to venture; to put someone to the test; to give experience, train; to conduct a test, make an attempt


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