The Hebrew Testament- Word Frequency List (Third 500 Words, Part 3) 2019

It was too much to put all 5000+ Hebrew words on one post, so I plan to make multiple posts of 500 words. This is the third 500 most frequently used Hebrew words in the Hebrew Testament. To find the next post, search something like “Hebrew Word list part 4” on this website’s search bar.

1001אָלָה36oath; curse; agreement
1002טַל36dew, light rain; dew
1003משׁך36to seize, carry off; to pull, drag; to stretch, draw out
1004קָשֶׁה36hard, difficult, strict, impudent
1005כרע36to kneel down; to bow down; to bend one’s knee; to break down; to cause to bow down; (metaph.) to bring disaster
1006מוֹפֵת36wonder, sign
1007רשׁע36to be/become/pronounce guilty
1009טֻמְאָה36state of ceremonial uncleanness
1010עשׁק 136to oppress, exploit
1011כנע36to have to submit; to be humbled; to humble oneself; to humble somebody
1014רָמָה 236Ramah
1015שׂחק36to laugh; to amuse; to be merry; to joke; to provide amusement; to play, dance; to struggle, fight
1016תֵּבֵל36soil; mainland; firm, dry land
1017חֵ֫פֶץ36wish; joy, delight; matter, business
1020פרה35to bear fruit; to be fruitful
1021רבץ35to lie down, rest; to lie, lurk; to set precious stones
1022צַד35side; hip; against; (with prep.) against, concerning
1023פרח 135to sprout, shoot; to become apparent, break out
1024עֹ֫רֶף35top of the head, neck
1027עֵ֫גֶל35young bull, ox
1028צָרַ֫עַת35skin disease
1029תְּרוּעָה35signal; war cry, alarm for war; shout of joy
1030סֵ֫תֶר35covering; hiding place; protection; secrecy
1031יָקָר35precious stone; noble; scarce; precious, valuable
1032חָזוֹן35vision; word of revelation
1033גבהּ35to be high, exalted, haughty, cheerful; to make high
1035קֳדָם35before; in the sight of
1036דָּת35command; state legislation, public law; law the; order; law
1037גֶּ֫שֶׁם 134rain; showers
1038יוֹנָה 134dove
1039כַּלָּה34bride; (young) daughter-in-law
1041מֵעֶה34belly; stomach; entrails, intestines; organ of generation; inner being
1042בְּאֵר שֶׁ֫בַע34Beersheba
1043יָרֵךְ34upper thigh; (metaph.) side
1044מַצֵּבָה34memorial stone
1046זֹנָה34prostitute, harlot
1047קצף 134to be angry, to be furious; to rouse to anger, incense
1048חֵטְא34sin; offence; guilt
1049מִשְׁנֶה34in second position; second in command; what is doubled, two-fold; transcription, copy
1050כחד34to hold; to efface; to hide, to conceal; to make disappear
1051עֶבְרָה34anger, rage; crossing, outburst, excess
1052לְבוּשׁ34garment; clothing
1053אֶצְבַּע34finger; toe
1054זרק 134to toss, strew, sprinkle
1055נָוֶה34grazing place; stopping place, settlement
1056נוף 134to move to and fro, brandish
1057קצר 134to gather in, harvest
1059מָעוֹז34mountain stronghold, place of refuge; fortress, temple
1060כְּפִיר34young lion
1061תְּשׁוּעָה34help, deliverance, salvation, victory
1062שׁפל34to bring low, overthrow; to abase, humiliate; to humiliate; humble
1063המה34to make a noise, be tumultuous, turbulent; to roar, moan
1065פָּרַס34persia; persia, the persians; persian
1066עֵ֫שֶׂב33herbage, weed; fodder, vegetables
1067צמח33to sprout, to grow; to produce; to make/cause to sprout
1068לוֹט 233Lot
1069מנה33to divide into parts, count; to reckon as; to count out, remit; to apportion, allot; to send, appoint; to count; to install, appoint; appoint
1070עִבְרִי33a Hebrew man or woman
1071עָרֵל33provided with a foreskin, uncircumcised; (metaph.) unskilled and inept
1072חבשׁ33to saddle; to bind on, wind round, wrap, bind up, dam up; to fetter, imprison; to govern
1073לְאֹם33nation; the people
1074קְלָלָה33curse; curse-formula
1075טַבָּח33butcher-and-cook; pl. bodyguards and executioners; executioner, bodyguard; imperial guard the
1076יְרֵכָה33rear; far part
1077שְׂעֹרָה33the hairy, grainy kernel-fruit, barley
1078קָצָה33end, edge, corner, extremity
1079עֻמָּה33corresponding; close to, beside
1080עִשָּׂרוֹן33one tenth
1082צור 133to tie up, bind; to encircle, lay siege to
1083שֹׁ֫רֶשׁ33root; foundation
1084גַּת 233Gath
1086עַוְלָה33badness, malice, injustice
1089מַעֲשֵׂר32a tenth part; a tithe
1090מול 132to circumcise
1091טוּב32happiness; beauty; the best things; prosperity; blessing, well-being
1092נהג 132to drive; to lead; to remove forcibly; to make the wind blow
1093טמן32to hide; to fix secretly
1095כֶּ֫לֶב32dog; (metaph.) despicable person, faithful servant, pederast
1096עָב 232clouds, cloud; cloud density
1097מִזְרָק32ceremonial crater
1098כִּלְיָה32kidneys, part of a sacrificial animal; innermost, most secret part of man
1099יְמָנִי32right; southern
1100שׁטף32to flood over, overflow; to gush, pour down; to rinse
1101תּוֹדָה32choir; (communal) sacrifice; song of thanksgiving/praise; doxology
1102פְּקֻדָּה32administration; deposit; vengeance, punishment; commission, appointment, office; watch, sentry; supervision, care
1103חָסִיד32the faithful, godly
1104יִזְרְעֶאל 232Jezreel (place)
1107תִּקְוָה 232expectation, hope; optimistic outlook
1108פְּנִימִי32inner; innermost part
1109רִנָּה 132cry of jubilation, rejoicing; lament, wailing
1110אַרְמוֹן32(fortified) palace
1111טְעֵם32command; understanding; decree; advice, report
1112מִין31type, kind
1113נָחָשׁ 131snake
1118נשׁק 131to kiss
1119נדר31to perform a vow; to make a solemn promise
1120עַתּוּד31male sheep; male goat; (metaph.) leader, director
1121סֻכָּה31thicket; hut
1122קשׁה 131to be/make heavy, hard, difficult; to have difficulties
1123אבל 131to mourn, cause to mourn
1125צפן31to hide, shelter, keep, save up, store
1126מוּל31opposite; front
1127פֶּ֫סֶל31idol; divine image
1128שְׁמִינִי31the eighth
1129רִמּוֹן 131pomegranate tree/fruit
1130מַ֫עַל 131fraud; disloyalty, infidelity
1131חתם31to seal (up); to confirm; seal; to seal
1132הָדָר31majesty; splendor; adornment
1133חֵ֫רֶם 131ban, what is banned
1135צרף31to smelt; to refine (by smelting); to sift
1138אֲחַשְׁוֵרוֹשׁ31Xerxes; Ahaseurus
1140פְּשַׁר31interpretation; explanation
1141מַאֲכָל30food, nourishment
1143גזל30to tear off, tear away, seize, rob; to be sucked out; to be taken away
1146ספד30to begin to sing the lament for the dead, mourn for someone; to bewail
1147מנע30to hold back; to withhold, refuse; to restrain; to keep away from
1149גְּדוּד 230band, raid; troop of warriors
1150נאף30to commit adultery; (metaph.) to practice idolatry
1151יעד30to designate; to arrive, meet, gather; to make an appointment, reveal oneself; to summon
1152בֹּ֫שֶׂם30perfume; balsam tree; balsam oil
1153פִּנָּה30corner; battlements; corner-stone; (metaph.) chieftain
1154גָּג30flat roof; top slab (altar)
1156עֵ֫רֶךְ30value; layer, row; provision, equipment
1157נִדָּה30bleeding, menstruation; separation, abomination, defilement
1158זִמָּה 130plan; infamy, shameful behavior
1159אָמֵן30trustworthy; surely!
1161דמה 130to be like, resemble; to become like; to compare, liken
1162רֶ֫שַׁע30wrong, offence
1163בֹּ֫שֶׁת30(feelings of) shame; shamefulness
1167שָׁפָן 230Shaphan
1169ילל30to howl, lament
1170כּוּשׁ 129Cush (place, person)
1171כֻּתֹּ֫נֶת29shirt-like tunic
1172עֲשִׂירִי29the tenth; one tenth
1173שִׂמְלָה29outer garment, cloak, mantle; (pl.) garments, clothing
1174חשׂך29to keep back, withhold; to save, spare; to hold off
1175חלם29to become strong; to dream; to restore to health
1176לָבָן 129white
1177כּוֹס 129cup; shell-shaped goblet
1179מִטָּה29couch, bed
1180בָּרָד29hailstones (thunderbolts?)
1181סִיר29cooking-pot; tub
1182תְּנוּפָה29uplifted offering, wave offering, consecrated gift
1183שִׁקּוּץ29filth; abhorrence, an object to abhor, horror, monster
1184רעשׁ 129to quake
1185יִפְתָּח 229Jephthah (person)
1187רַב 229official, governor, commander
1188נָתִין29temple slaves
1189יֵשׁוּעַ 129Jeshua (person)
1190ענה29answer; to answer; to commence talking, begin to speak
1191שִׁשִּׁי28sixth; sixth part, one-sixth
1192פרד28to separate; to spread out; to diverge
1193נוד28to sway; to be aimless, homeless; to indicate cooperation by shaking the head, to show sympathy; to flee; let (her|it) flee
1194תֵּבָה28chest; ark; casket
1196רְכוּשׁ28possession; goods, equipment; property, lands
1197שָׂכָר 128wages (for work); payment; expense, maintenance
1198שָׁלֵם 128intact, untouched; complete, perfect; whole, undivided
1199שֵׂעָר28hairiness, body hair, hairy covering
1200נדד 128to flee, escape; to wander about
1201ירה 128to shoot; to throw, cast
1202פְּלֵיטָה28survivor, survival, someone or something remaining; escape, deliverance
1203תלה28to hang up; to attach, suspend
1204בחן28to test metals by melting; metaph. to examine, put to the test
1205בער 228to graze, devastate, sweep away
1207טוּר28course, row; mountain; mountain the
1208כבה28to go out; to extinguish, quench
1209קֶ֫צֶף 128anger; ill-humor, frustration; judgment of anger
1210טוב28to be good, joyful, liked, appropriate, becoming, valuable; to act correctly
1211שָׂרִיד 128someone fleeing
1212קדם28to approach; to go up to someone, meet
1214כְּתָב28register; writing, document; document; writing the; writing, inscription; instruction, rule
1215חבר 227to ally oneself; to be coupled, touch one another; to join together
1216זקן27to be an old man/woman; to grow old
1217חלף 127to come by turns; to pass on, over; to fly along; to change, alter, replace; to cause to succeed
1219בשׁל27to grow ripe; to boil, cook, fry
1220חכם27to be/become wise; to act wisely; to teach
1222אַדִּיר27majestic, mighty, magnificent
1223יוֹבֵל27ram; jubilee year; year of remission
1224פתה 127to be simple, be inexpert, be gullible; to persuade
1226מְעִיל27sleeveless, cloak-like outer garment
1227נָדִיב27ready, willing; one who distributes according to his own will, the nobleman
1228נְדָבָה27free motivation; voluntary offering
1229עלם 127to conceal, secrete; to shut
1230נתק27to tear out; to wrench off; to lure away; to tear to pieces
1231פִּתְאֹם27suddenly, surprisingly
1232אוה27to be beautiful, lovely; to wise, desire, crave for
1233מְסִלָּה27a track firmed with stones or fill; road, highway
1234שָׂטָן27adversary, opponent; (The) Satan
1235ישׁר27to please; to be straight, smooth, right
1236מוֹצָא 127place of departure; exit, way out; pronouncement; coming forth, appearance
1237נְקָמָה27retribution; revenge
1238פָּסִיל27idol; divine image; (alt.) carved or hewn image
1239בְּלִיַּ֫עַל27uselessness, wickedness; adj. good for nothing
1240חקר27to explore, search out
1241מוֹשִׁיעַ27deliverer, savior
1242שׂושׂ27to rejoice
1243נֵ֫בֶל 227harp
1245פלט27to escape, to be free; to bring out, to save
1249קֳבֵל27for; because; because of; consequently; over against; correspondingly; thereupon; forasmuch as
1251עוף 126to fly; to disappear
1252רבב 126to be/become numerous/large
1253תַּרְשִׁישׁ 126Tarshish (place)
1254קֵ֫דֶם26east; to (towards) the east
1255רחב26to open oneself wide; to make wide, extensive
1256פָּרָה 126cow
1257רגל26to teach; to slander; to move away from, to spy out
1259מַגֵּפָה26plague; death, defeat, pestilence
1261נֶ֫שֶׁר26eagle; vulture
1262צרר 226to treat with hostility, attack
1263דקק26to become fine through grinding; to pulverize; crush; to crush; to be crushed, ground up fine
1264בָּצוּר26inaccessible, unassailable; (metaph.) incomprehensible
1265בַּז26plunder, spoil
1266חרשׁ 126to plow, egrave, devise; (pt.) artisan
1268יגע26to grow weary; to labor, struggle, strive; to make weary, trouble
1269יצת26to kindle something, to burn something
1270עֶזְרָה 126help, assistance
1271שְׁמוּעָה26revelation; report, news; (pl.) rumors
1273צוֹם26fast, period of fasting
1277בַּר 226son; son, grandson; (pl.) children; pure; empty
1279שֹׁד 226devastation; violent action, oppression
1280הוֹן26sufficient; wealth, property
1281נְשָׁמָה25breath; living being; movement of air
1282גבר25to be/make superior; to achieve (something), increase; to exert, be strong, prevail
1283חִוִּי25Hivite; Hivi
1284מוֹלֶ֫דֶת25descent; descendants; relations, the relatives
1285מרד25to rise in revolt, rebel
1286דין25to plead one’s cause, to contend, quarrel, argue, to execute judgment; to make a judgment; —
1287עָשָׁן 125smoke; smoky
1288שׁכל25to become childless; to be deprived of children/sons; to cause/sustain an abortion; to prove barren, fruitless
1289שִׁלְשׁוֹם25three days ago, the day before yesterday
1290אַתֵּן25you (f.p.)
1291טרף25to tear, rend
1292ערב 125to stand surety for; to be responsible for someone, lend support for someone’s cause; to pawn; to conduct trade, barter; to enter into a wager
1293עֲגָלָה25wagon, cart; threshing cart
1294נגשׂ25to spur on; to force to work; to oppress, to collect (offerings); (pt.) slave driver, tyrant, tax collector, (pl.) ruling body
1295שׁוֹטֵר25civil servant, office holder; (pl.) officials, administrators
1297חֹ֫שֶׁן25breast-piece, breast-pouch
1299מָסָךְ25cover; curtain
1300נֵ֫זֶר25consecration, dedication; crown, diadem, head-band
1301כּוּשִׁי 125Cushite
1303שׁלף25to pull out, pull off, take out
1304מָבוֹא25entrance; access; descent, setting; the west; entering
1305דִּין25judgment; legal claim; legal contest, legal case; quarreling; justice; judgement the
1306סוג 125to diverge, be disloyal; to turn back, withdraw, flee
1307פחד25to shiver, tremble; to be startled, be in terror
1308הגה 125to coo, growl, mutter, read in an undertone; to speak, proclaim
1309תְּחִנָּה 125mercy, pardon, compassion; pleading
1310פַּח 125trapping net
1311מְלוּכָה25kingdom; status as king; kingship
1318עַד25until; up to, even to, as much as; until, during, within
1320אֱוִיל 125foolish; fool, idiot
1322גוע24to perish; to pass away
1323חסר24to decrease, to lessen; to be devoid of; to have too little; to deprive
1324פֶּ֫גֶר24corpse; monument, stele; offering for the dead
1325שׁקף24to look down from above
1326צְעָקָה24yelling, screaming; call for help
1327צָעִיר 124little; the smaller one, smallest; the younger one, youngest; (pl.) lads, servants
1328רְבָבָה24myriad; a very great quantity, immense number
1329עתר24to plead, supplicate
1330נֹ֫כַח24opposite; in front; what is opposite
1331אֵ֫בֶל24mourning ritual, funeral, mourning
1332נסך 124to pour out; to pour; to pour out as a libation; to devote a drink offering
1333חוס24to be troubled; to look compassionately on; to spare
1335סקל24to stone; to throw stones at
1336אַרְבֶּה24migratory locusts
1337זִכָּרוֹן24mention, remembrance; protocol
1339נזה24to spatter; to sprinkle
1340עָשִׁיר24wealthy, rich; the rich man
1341תור24to follow; to spy out, reconnoiter; to seek out, discover
1342נאץ24to spurn; to treat disrespectfully, discard
1343אוֹי24woe; ah! Alas!
1344הוֹד 124weight, power, splendor, majesty
1345גדע24to cut off, scatter, cut to pieces, fell
1346חֳלִי24sickness; suffering
1347עֲלִילָה24deed, action
1349עֲלִיָּה24upper room, room in an upper storey
1351סַף 224threshold; the socket stone of a door spigot
1352רושׁ24to be poor
1353חִיצוֹן24outside; outer, external
1354כֹּתֶ֫רֶת24capital of a pillar; crest
1355מְכוֹנָה24place, site; under-support, kettle stand
1356אֱנָשׁ24man; mankind; a person
1357יְקָר24honor; preciousness; dignity, honor; glory the
1358תּוֹכַ֫חַת24reprimand, reproof, punishment, reproach, blame
1359פִּקּוּדִים24instructions, procedures
1360דְּמוּת23shape; model; likeness
1361מַעְיָן23source, headwaters
1362שְׁבָא23Saba; Sheba
1364תֹּם23perfection; purity, innocence
1365קרה 123to meet, encounter, happen to
1368חפשׂ23to search out, examine, track down; to hide or disguise oneself
1369חֶלְקָה 223plot of land
1370אַלּוּף 223tribal chief
1371בֶּ֫צַע23severing; (unlawful) gain
1372גלח23to shave
1374עַז23strength, might; strong
1375מַס23forced labor, corvée, conscription
1376מִקְרָא23assembly; summons; reading, recitation
1377חמם23to be/grow/feel warm; to heat
1378שֹׁ֫חַד23gift; bribe
1379מַחְתָּה23censer; scuttle
1380כהן23to act as a priest
1381בַּד 323(pieces of cloth probably) linen
1382כִּיּוֹר23cooking pot; wash basin; mobile basin; platform
1383מַסֵּכָה 123libation; metal casting, cast image; to conclude an agreement
1384שֵׁכָר23intoxicating drink, beer
1385יִצְהָר 123oil, olive juice
1386תּוֹצָאוֹת23exits; outermost areas, border, limit
1387מִישׁוֹר23plain; level ground; (metaph.) rectitude, fairness justice
1388נתשׁ23to remove; to drive out; to be torn up, removed
1389גְּמוּל23benefit; accomplishment; requital
1390יעל23to profit, benefit; to get profit
1391עֲטָרָה 123garland, crown, diadem
1396כּ֫וֹרֶשׁ23cyrus; cyrus (ii, cyrus the great)
1397רַב23great; chief
1398דְּהַב23gold; gold the
1399שַׁ֫חַת23grave; pit, trap
1400חֵ֫לֶם23dream; dream the; helem
1401רדה 122to rule; to tread
1402נְקֵבָה22woman, female
1403שׁכר22to be/become/make drunk
1404שְׁכֶם 122back; upper part of the back; shoulder, nape of the neck; mountain ridge
1405מָדַי22media; mede; medes; (coll.) medes
1408שֵׂיבָה22gray hair; advanced age
1409לוּ22if only; oh that; would that
1410שׁען22to support oneself; to lie supported, make comfortable for oneself; to depend on
1411כחשׁ22to deny, disavow; to keep secret; to tell lies, delude; to feign obedience, fawn
1412אֵ֫פֶר22(loose) soil, dust
1413שַׁ֫חַר 122morning twilight
1414חפר 122to paw; to dig; to track, search, spy out
1415חוֹל 122mud, sand
1416שׁקל22to carry weight, possess mass; to weigh (out)
1417סחר22to pass through; (pt.) trader, dealer; to throb violently
1419באשׁ22to stink; be made/start to stink, turn rancid; to be(come) hated; make oneself odious; to be bad; be distressed
1420מַת22(pl.) men, people
1421תָּמָר 222Tamar (person)
1422מִשְׁמָר22guard, custody; watch, lookout; division of service
1423כֵּן 122correct, right, accurate; righteous, honest; certainly, yes
1424תמך22to hold; to take hold of
1425טֶ֫רֶף22food; prey
1426מְנוּחָה22rest; resting place; place of quiet; composure
1428גרע 122to shave, trim, cut down, take
1429מעט22to be few; to be too small; to become few; to collect little; to diminish; to eradicate
1430רֶ֫שֶׁת22net, grating, grid-work
1431הִין22hin (a liquid measure)
1432רֶ֫גַע22quiet, calm period of time; duration, period; a short while; in a trice, abruptly
1433פשׂה22to spread
1434מְרִי22contentiousness; contentious, rebellious
1437תעב22to abhor; to desecrate; to act abominably
1439בֹּ֫עַז 122Boaz (person)
1441נָבָל 222Nabal
1442קיץ 222to wake up
1443אַ֫יִל 322pillar of an archway
1448שׁנה22change; to be different/changed; to change, alter, violate
1449שָׂשׂוֹן22joy, jubilation
1450זַ֫עַם22curse; cursed
1451תֹּ֫הוּ21wilderness, wasteland, emptiness; desert, nothing
1452חמד21to desire; to take pleasure; (pt.) darling, treasure
1453פקח21to open; to unstop
1454תַּאֲוָה21longing, wish, yearning, sighing, craving
1455קַ֫יִץ21summer; summer fruit; summer harvest
1457עָרְלָה21foreskin; (metaph.) penis, genitals, fruit
1458כָּלָה21annihilation; complete destruction
1459חָלִיל 221profane, reprehensible thing; (w. loc. hē, interj.) far be it from
1460לאה21to grow weary; to give up; to struggle; to be tired
1461אַ֫יִן 221whence?
1462רָחָב 121broad, wide, spread out; extensive, far-reaching; haughty, greedy
1463זֶ֫רַח 221Zerah
1464שׁבר 221to buy (grain)
1465סוֹד21confidential discussion; secret, scheme; circle of confidants
1469נתך21to pour out; to gush forth; to bring to the melting point
1470דמם 121to be motionless, rigid; to stand still; to keep quiet
1471מסס21to despair; to melt; to become weak
1472נֵס21flag, standard; ensign
1473זהר 221to heed a warning, to be warned; to caution, warn
1474בָּרָק 121lightning
1475מִשְׁחָה 121anointing
1476שׁזר21(pt.) twisted, twined
1477תֵּימָן 121the south, territory in the south; the south wind
1479שׁגה21to stagger; to stray; to do wrong; to lead astray; to mislead
1480אֱלִיל21insignificant, vain; the pagan gods (as nonentities)
1481עָ֫וֶל21perversity, injustice; dishonesty
1482מוּם21spot, blemish, injury
1484שָׂמֵחַ21happy, filled with joy
1485כַּ֫עַס21offence; vexation
1486שַׁ֫חַק21dust cloud; layer of dust; (pl.) clouds
1487גַּאֲוָה21roaring; eminence; arrogance
1488סֶ֫רֶן 221governor
1489בֵּית שֶׁ֫מֶשׁ21Beth-Shemesh
1492חשׁה21to be silent; to order to be silent; to hesitate
1497אֲרַע21the earth; beneath; earth the
1498שׁוּשַׁן 221Susa; Shushan
1499שׁוע 121to call for help
1500תַּזְנוּת21fornication; obscene practice,


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