Top Resources for Learning Languages

These are the base resources that I use for any language and that I use frequently:


This shows you how to pronounce words, it is free, I use it ALL the time.

2) Google Translate

Not super reliable, but it helps with fast translation, it is better for some languages than others. For example, it not bad with Spanish, but not good for Arabic.


I use italki to meet serious language learners from all around the world. People on here will talk to you everyday. I highly recommend it. It is a language exchange.

4) Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

I use these to obviously talk to people I meet on italki from all around the world.

Quick Note: The best dictionary, grammar book, phonology book, etc. is a native speaker. I recommend that you pair up with someone and practice with them and have them correct you. That will make your progress super fast compared to trying to figure it out alone.

That’s all you need! Well and the internet for specific questions, but besides that, you can learn a language for free, very very easily. I stopped buying books; that does not mean I won’t in the future, I just found they are usually a waste of money because I don’t use them and the internet or a native speaker is usually sufficient for what I need.


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